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Wild One Birthday Theme: Plan an Event for Your Favorite Party Animal

Wild one birthday theme: Wild One invitation

If your little one likes to howl at the moon and roar with brave lionesses, why not throw a wild one birthday celebration? Not only is this party theme full of untamed creatures — from giraffes, lions, and monkeys to the party guests themselves — but it’s also a versatile theme that you can take in a variety of directions. Sure, it’s popular for kids parties and baby’s first birthday party but it could work just as well for that wild child at heart who never wants to grow up. 

With this list of fun decor options, creative food ideas, and easy invitations, you’ll plan the perfect wild one birthday theme party and have a roaring good time.
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How to Use a Template Birthday Card to Create a Personalized Moment

Template birthday card: HBD! on a tablet screen

It’s always a joy to receive a handmade birthday card — but they take time, energy, and creativity. And while it’s easy to pick a card up from the store, they can lack that personal touch. Fortunately, you can get the best of both options with a template birthday card.

Let’s explore what template birthday cards are, why they’re a great option, and how to create and customize your own with Greenvelope. Plus, we’ll share a handful of our most loved designs that’ll inspire you to personalize your own.
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9 Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise birthday party: birthday invitation card with some cupcakes and drinks beside it

Planning a surprise birthday party is such an exciting experience. You get to create a big moment for the birthday honoree and show them how happy you and their loved ones are about their big day.

While planning any party has lots of moving parts, planning a surprise party has even more considerations as you have to keep everything hush-hush from the guest of honor. To help you prepare an unforgettable (and well organized) celebration, use this surprise birthday party planner to get you from the very first idea to the grand reveal.
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Send Good Luck and Prosperity with These Chinese New Year Greetings

Chinese New Year greetings: 2 couples happily holding some sparklers

As a new calendar year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about also celebrating the wonderful holiday of Chinese New Year, sometimes called Lunar New Year. It’s a holiday all about happiness and prosperity, filled with rich colors and cultural New Year traditions.

In this guide, we’ll share a few of those standout traditions and themes from the Lunar New Year. We’ll also share some popular traditional Chinese New Year greetings, along with ideas for thoughtful messages you can send to loved ones or close friends who are celebrating the holiday.
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43 “You Are Appreciated” Quotes to Brighten Someone’s Day

You are appreciated quotes: Thank You card with flowers on the side

When someone goes out of their way to make your life easier or just brightens your day with their sunny personality, it can make the whole world seem like a better place. And it’s easy to repay someone for the little things (and the big things!) they do to make you smile — all you have to do is show appreciation.

An attitude of gratitude will not only make the people you appreciate happy, but it will bring you joy, as well. It’s impossible to feel grateful and unhappy at the same time. In fact, we dare you to try.

Take a minute to list all the people and things in your life that you’re grateful for, and see how you feel afterward. Once your heart is bursting with joy, look at all the people on that list, and get ready to tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

Sending a simple note to say “I appreciate you,” will warm hearts and spread happiness. But while feeling appreciative is easy, finding the right words to put into an appreciation card can be a little more challenging. So, we’ve put together a collection of inspiring, sweet, and silly “you are appreciated” quotes to help you send this sentiment to friends, colleagues, and loved ones.
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Happy Lunar New Year: Greetings and Cards for a Prosperous New Year

Happy Lunar New Year: Lunar New Year message card from the Wang family

For those who follow the lunar calendar, the new year is one of the most sacred times of year. It signifies a moment to renew good luck, prosperity, and health. It’s a time for family, feasts, and festive celebrations. 

But as with any holiday, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the right words to share your well wishes. With these ideas for messages and card designs, you can send friends, colleagues, and loved ones a Happy Lunar New Year greeting that’s sure to make them smile. But first, let’s delve into some basics about the holiday that will deepen your appreciation for this special occasion.
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Share the Love with These 52 Ideas for a Birthday Message to a Friend

Birthday message to a friend: birthday message cards

The birthday of someone special is coming up! Your friend deserves to feel loved and appreciated on their big day, so send them the best birthday message. A sweet message is a beautiful way to express your gratitude for their friendship.

Crafting the perfect birthday message to a friend starts with knowing the recipient well, then writing something that appeals to their personality and your friendship. We’ll walk you through it with this guide, along with some inspiring birthday messages for your friends.
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7 Gender Reveal Themes That Will Keep Your Guests Guessing

Gender reveal themes: blue and pink cupcakes

For those who want to celebrate every moment of the parenting journey, gender reveal parties are a great chance to gather loved ones for the big reveal. Once upon a time, parents-to-be only got to have one party: a baby shower. But now, we pile on the parties with everything from a gender reveal to a traditional shower to a sip and see.

Not only are babies a big reason to celebrate, but future parents need to squeeze in all the socializing they can before their new baby arrives (and takes over their social schedule). A good gender reveal party is part guessing game and part spectacle. And with the right gender reveal theme, you can check off both of those boxes and prove that you’re about to be the coolest parent in town.

We’ve put together seven gender reveal themes that will help you make your announcement in style. Whether you’re having a boy or girl, these themes will keep your guests guessing until the very end.
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17 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Partners, Friends, and Family

Valentines Day ideas: couple happily giving gifts to each other

Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day ideas for your soulmate, friends, or family members, here you’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy some time together and share the love. Plus, each idea is paired with a Valentine’s Day card or invitation you can use to show how much you care.
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New Year’s Greetings and Quotes for Friends, Family, and Colleagues

New Years greetings: New Year greeting cards

Happy New Year! It’s time for celebrating, connecting with friends and family, and sending New Year’s greetings to important people in your life. Whether you want to reminisce on the special moments from the past year, express your love to a significant other, or thank colleagues for a banner year, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite New Year’s greetings. Plus, you’ll find inspirational and funny quotes from famous figures to help you capture your sentiments this holiday season.
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