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Wild One Birthday Theme: Plan an Event for Your Favorite Party Animal

Wild one birthday theme: Wild One invitation

If your little one likes to howl at the moon and roar with brave lionesses, why not throw a wild one birthday celebration? Not only is this party theme full of untamed creatures — from giraffes, lions, and monkeys to the party guests themselves — but it’s also a versatile theme that you can take in a variety of directions. Sure, it’s popular for kids parties and baby’s first birthday party but it could work just as well for that wild child at heart who never wants to grow up. 

With this list of fun decor options, creative food ideas, and easy invitations, you’ll plan the perfect wild one birthday theme party and have a roaring good time.
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9 Tips for Throwing an Unforgettable Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise birthday party: birthday invitation card with some cupcakes and drinks beside it

Planning a surprise birthday party is such an exciting experience. You get to create a big moment for the birthday honoree and show them how happy you and their loved ones are about their big day.

While planning any party has lots of moving parts, planning a surprise party has even more considerations as you have to keep everything hush-hush from the guest of honor. To help you prepare an unforgettable (and well organized) celebration, use this surprise birthday party planner to get you from the very first idea to the grand reveal.
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7 Gender Reveal Themes That Will Keep Your Guests Guessing

Gender reveal themes: blue and pink cupcakes

For those who want to celebrate every moment of the parenting journey, gender reveal parties are a great chance to gather loved ones for the big reveal. Once upon a time, parents-to-be only got to have one party: a baby shower. But now, we pile on the parties with everything from a gender reveal to a traditional shower to a sip and see.

Not only are babies a big reason to celebrate, but future parents need to squeeze in all the socializing they can before their new baby arrives (and takes over their social schedule). A good gender reveal party is part guessing game and part spectacle. And with the right gender reveal theme, you can check off both of those boxes and prove that you’re about to be the coolest parent in town.

We’ve put together seven gender reveal themes that will help you make your announcement in style. Whether you’re having a boy or girl, these themes will keep your guests guessing until the very end.
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Boho Baby Shower Planner: 19 Ideas for Decor, Invitations, and More

Boho baby shower: baby shower invitation card

The boho chic look is here to stay. If you’re all about gorgeous muted color palettes, natural textures, and gold accents, a boho baby shower could be the perfect theme for your celebration. 

In this guide, we’ll share exactly what you need to create that iconic boho style and atmosphere, along with our favorite boho baby shower decoration tips to bring your theme to life. 
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Your Stress-Free Guide to Planning a Spa Birthday Party

Spa birthday party: Manis & Mimosas birthday invitation card with spa equipments

For a celebration that makes you say “Aaahhhhh,” you need a spa day. Spa days are an ideal way to celebrate lots of life’s big moments — from bachelorette parties to bachelor parties and baby showers to bridal showers. And a spa birthday party is one of our favorite ways to celebrate another trip around the sun.

At a spa birthday party, the guest of honor can let go of any stress from the past year and take on their next year of life feeling refreshed and ready. Yes, a spa day is one of the most relaxing ways to spend your day, but planning a spa birthday party for a big (or small) group can be a little less relaxing.

We’ll help you get through it by sharing tips that make the planning process almost as relaxing as the pampering process. Here’s how to plan a spa birthday party from start to finish (or perhaps from start to Finnish sauna).
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Baby’s Baptism: Planning Tips and Invitation Ideas

Baby's baptism: priest baptizing a baby

A baby’s baptism, also called a christening, is a special rite of passage when loved ones gather to welcome a child into the church, be it Methodist, Protestant, Catholic, or another Christian denomination. Whether you’re attending a baptism or scheduling one for your own baby or godchild, this special day requires some planning. Here, we’re sharing what you need to know about baby baptisms, including planning and etiquette tips, as well as some of our favorite invitations you can send to friends and family.
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8 Ugly Sweater Ideas and Party Planning Tips for a Hilarious Holiday

Ugly sweater party ideas: man smiling at the camera and doing the peace sign

Ready for a holly, jolly, hilarious holiday? Throw an ugly Christmas sweater party! This holiday party theme offers plenty of light-hearted fun during the most wonderful time of the year. To help you plan the ultimate ugly sweater soiree, we’re sharing our top party planning tips, plus DIY ugly sweater ideas and invitations that are sure to make guests laugh.
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How to Plan a 2000s-Themed Party: From Decor to Invitations

2000s themed party: party invitation cards

Want to know what’s more fun than partying like it’s 1999? Partying in the 21st century! The 2000s were a time of life-changing technology, neon trends, and hip-hop royalty. (And who could forget the glory of velour tracksuits?) A 2000s-themed party is an epic way to reminisce on the rad style of the turn of the century.

With these 2000s party theme ideas, your blast from the past will be so hot. Get ready to plan your celebration with these 2000s-themed party ideas that offer plenty of options inspired by the pop culture of the decade.
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How to Plan a Fun and Easy Adult Game Night: Tips, Games, and More

Adult game night: group of friends sharing a meal and drinking wine

Ready to shake up your Saturday night with some competitive fun? Invite your friends over, serve up a few snacks, pour some drinks, and have a good time. The key to pulling off the perfect adult game night is all in the details. 

Keep scrolling to create an evening that’s both fun and easy. You’ll find plenty of ideas for the best adult party games as well as tips on planning a crowd-pleasing menu. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at can’t-miss game night invitations that you can send to your friends in a matter of minutes. Game on!
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Super Bowl Party Ideas: 15 Ways to Host an Epic Event

Super Bowl party ideas: football props

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year for football fans. It’s the perfect opportunity to get together with friends, enjoy good food and drink, and make predictions before the big game. If you’re ready to plan an epic party for Super Bowl Sunday, then we’ve got everything you need. Check out these top Super Bowl party ideas — including decor, games, food, and invitations — that are sure to score big with your guests. 
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